How to release anger in a positive way

It is hard when you are mad to think of anything positive, but it is very important to release that anger in a positive way. The key is to find an outlet which will help you calm down, so that people or things do not become a target to take your anger out on. So in this article try to find out- how to release anger in a positive way! Here are a few ways and hopefully you will find a couple to help you when you become upset!So let’s find out- which one is most effective to you:

10 Effective Ways to Release Your Anger in A Positive Way

1. Crying

This happens to be your body’s natural response to release tension and clear your mind. So let it out! Your body wants you to cry for a reason.

2. Start a Journal

Write down your thoughts! You can say anything you want in a journal without hurting anyone’s feelings, as long as no one finds it I guess! The good thing about writing your feelings down is that you can go back and read your thoughts, and review what made you angry. It is a good way to identify what made you angry so you cannot let it get you upset again, or at least know how to handle it in the future.

3. Workout

Go to the gym and run on the treadmill or grab a punching bag and hit it as hard as you can! You can release all the anger that has built up inside of you. Block everyone and everything out of your mind, turn up the music, and sweat it out, even if it is only for 10 minutes.

4. Find a Hobby

This doesn’t have to be something hard or costly. Some people like to draw or color. My favorite hobby is cooking. Now some may say this can be dangerous if you are an emotional eater, which I am, but when you put all the effort into making something homemade, I get more joy out of having my family and friends try my new masterpiece! So spread your hobby!

5. Find Something to Laught at

Laughing is my #1 stress and anger reliever! I love to laugh and it is hard to get me to laugh. So when someone or something makes me laugh, it makes me so happy! There is plenty to laugh about on social media; I found some good in funnyjunk that I love to laugh at.

6. Go Shopping

Now this doesn’t mean go on a shopping spree. I mean you could if maybe you haven’t gone on one in a while. But what I like to do is buy myself one special gift to get me to feel better and to remember the good things in life. Usually something fun to wear or something pretty for my house.

7. Do a yoga session

Yoga is science made of different disciplines of the mind and the body. It is one of the greatest ways to improve concentration, adopt a calmer attitude, lower hostility, strengthen memory, improve mood and creativity. It can release your anger in a positive way. It is really very helpful to reduce your anger for entire life. If you are new to this journey you may read this guide to Beginners Yoga. Or if you already decided to start yoga; could be your great solution

8. Call a Close Friend

This is the time to utilize your friendships. Friends are there to cheer you up or calm you down, so give one a call. Now a days it is easier to text, so that works too. Sometimes it is best to just have that friend that doesn’t care what you say to them that you can just text your anger out. Then you are confiding in a friend while also writing it down so you can look back at it.

9. Jam Out

Many people find joy in music. There are even studies of the benefits of music to your stress level. And with music, there are so many genres to choose from, depending on what mood you are in. Find a song that you can scream the lyrics to and then find some music to calm you down afterwards. Music is also great during and after crying if you are going to use that method.

10. Eat

So like earlier I mentioned I can be an emotional eater at times, and I know I am not alone in that. But when I get really angry or upset and I want to eat, I reach for dark chocolate. I like milk chocolate better, but that is why I eat dark chocolate when I am upset. Eating dark chocolate when I am upset is a way to remember that I am upset and I need to let it all go. Plus dark chocolate releases the same chemical that some mood enhancing prescription drugs do!

Have you tried, or plan on trying any of these? Or do you have some not listed? Please share!