Most effective way to quit smoking

Smokings cause us to suffer to lung cancer which is responsible for nearly one-third of cancer-related deaths worldwide. With the latest statistics showing that almost 160,000 people die each year from the disease, it is said that about 130,000 of those deaths alone are caused from smoking-related lung cancer. To make matters worse, almost 3,500 of those deaths were caused by second-hand smoke. If you are reading this, chances are you are a smoker, or you know someone who is a smoker. If you are a smoker, and you’ve tried to quit, you may be feeling frustrated, and you want practical ways that you can stop smoking. If you know someone who smokes, you no doubt want to help your friend or loved one stop smoking.

Well, most people have a false believe that they can’t successfully quit smoking because they have a mental addiction to smoking that is not broken by quitting cold turkey or weaning yourself off of cigarettes by using nicotine substitutes like pills, gums or patches. Here is the most effective way to quit smoking NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is being promoted as the most effective way to break that mental addiction to smoking.

We look at the mental addiction as more of an emotional addiction to smoking, since we use smoking as a coping mechanism. It becomes ingrained in our brains as something we need to enjoy certain situations and to tolerate others. Even those who have quit for months often still want to smoke. NLP eliminates your desire to smoke.

The way it works is simple yet most effective way to quit smoking

most effective way to quit smokingWe simply listen to some recordings and our brain relearns how to think about smoking. Seems too simple to work, doesn’t it? It’s a form of psychotherapy, but don’t let that put us off. When we began to smoke we started to associate smoking with certain aspects of our life. It slowly became part of our daily ritual.

We didn’t immediately become mentally addicted to smoking
It was something that we learned to do through repeatedly smoking at certain times or in certain situations. Eventually, those circumstances didn’t feel right to us unless we were also smoking. Eliminating nicotine from our body as the sole method of quitting smoking does nothing to help us relearn our life without smoking.

Things to help us stop smoking.
(most effective way to quit smoking)

1. It is much easier to reach a goal when you have people supporting and encouraging you along the way.

If we don’t want to join a support group, then it is a good idea to ask some reliable friends and family members to keep you accountable and to send you encouraging emails and texts throughout the day to make sure you are staying on track.

2. To stop smoking we need to set small goals instead of trying to conquer our addiction in one day.

By giving ourselves smaller goals, we will be more likely to see our big goal to through end. Every time we reach one of our small goals, we will feel accomplished and encouraged that just one step closer to fully quitting smoking.

3. Another thing that can cause you to continue smoking is our circle of friends.quit smoking

If you only hang out with people who smoke, chances are will never quit. To quit smoking you need to spend time with non-smokers. It will show you that you can still lead a normal life without smoking.

Quit Smoking Pills this is not an addition to the previous list but a different way to stop smoking. This product actually works on the chemicals in the brain to help quit smoking.

Smoking pills don’t contain nicotine which means no supply of nicotine to a body by any alternative method. But by healing from inside, it gives relief to persons to stop smoking. Only smoking pills are enough for the smoking cessation but some people prefer smoking pills and NRT both. But if a person just does his routine exercise and consumes smoking pills, it certainly affects positively on the body. Smoking pills have a double rate of success than placebo.

Also smoking pills brings best results than Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Because there is no nicotine in smoking pills it is another class of treatment to reach quit smoking stop. help in a unique way to quit smoking. Online stores have numerous advantages that are creating their popularity among people smoking.

So back to NLP as the best way to quit smoking. Neuro-Linguistic-Programming would seem to accomplish with much less ease and certainly a lot less cost, what smokers who use patches, gums, and pills do in the end: quit smoking and then retrain their brains to think life without smoking. We think we’d be doing the easy thing.