Why black seeds are the ideal remedy for everything

There are millions of potential plants and herbs which can help humans recover from various health risks whether they are as petty as flu or as serious as cancer. While we as humans search for manmade remedies, the ideology behind optimum health is by achieving a balance between healthy food item consumption, exercise, sleep and everything in between. Whereas we can sometimes deviate from the path, it is then when natural herbs step in!

One such herb is Nigella sativa, also known as black seed due to its appearance. Hundreds of studies have revealed how black seeds can be the cure for almost everything except death! Believe us, it is true.

If you need more time to grasp this in, read on and find about the amazing things black seeds can do to a human body in terms of health and fitness. Have a look at the points below:

10 reasons why black seeds are the ideal remedy for everything except death!

1. Ideal for Epilepsy

A study conducted in the year 2007 revealed how black seed water helped curb seizures for epileptic patients significantly. With the passage of time, the seizures occurred far less and the duration was noted to be far brief as well.

2. Suffer from Asthma

Asthma patients can hardly breathe. This is where black seeds step in. The black seed boiled water extract can be used as an anti-asthma treatment due to Thymoquinone being one of its main components. It is advised to be taken once a day as an ideal treatment.

3. Colon Cancer Cure

Black seeds are considered to be as strong as chemoagent 5-fluoruracil, the agent which is used to curb colon cancer cells. However, black seed oil needs to be extracted for this and then consumed orally.

4. Prevents Addiction

Black seeds have the power to prevent addiction or decrease toxicity levels inside the human body. Morphine-addicted patients were able to get rid of their addiction by simply using a pinch of black seeds, twice a day orally.

5. Rapunzel-like Hair

Have you ever dreamed of having thick long hair which wouldn’t break? Well, your remedy lies just a few feet away in the kitchen cabinet! If you want to have super thick, shiny hair, simply use black seed oil on hair once a week and wash away. For ideal results, also consume a pinch of black seeds first thing in the morning. Voila!

6. Improves Diabetes

If you are a diabetic patient or know someone who is, let them know that black seeds have the power to balance out the fasting blood sugar levels, can improve the beta cell abilities in the pancreas and can also enhance insulin resistance. How? Just with the help of 2 grams of black seeds daily.

7. Eczema

Eczema is a skin disease where the skin tends to dry out and becomes inflamed. The itchy pink-red patches all over the body can crust away and irritate the patient. While the patient cannot enjoy perfumes, creams or lotions, the patient can also be asked not to wear all materials of clothing.
As far as black seed oil is concerned, it can help cure eczema or at least put it to rest. By applying the oil to affected areas daily, eczema can be cured effortlessly within days.

8. Antioxidant

Black seeds are tiny, yet they possess the power of cleaning our bodies inside out to keep away from all sorts of toxins. If a person consumes a pinch of black seeds first thing in the morning, the black seeds can begin their amazing work on the empty stomach!

9. Aids Weight Loss

If losing weight is in question, black seeds can help solve this for you too. Simply mix a teaspoon of black seeds with a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon and combine it with lukewarm water. Merely drink it up and witness a flatter tummy within weeks without extra efforts.
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10. Anti-Aging Properties

Don’t want to age early? Don’t want fine lines and wrinkles to show? Simply opt for black seeds and witness the skin tightening up, bones becoming stronger, hair growth being at its highest, blood pressure being in control and lots more.

With so many health benefits of black seeds, why go for high doses of medicines when you have a natural remedy available inside your kitchen cabinet?